Getting Ready to Draw'm Funny

Posted Aug 2019

Im warming up for my next booked Caricature Event. Client wants me to draw'm Funny. So I drew this Caricature based on a reference photo from my blog. No predraw.

My first attempt tonight ~ oops ~ looking too young. Quickly got rid of it and started again. Very pleased with what I drew, but I started wasting time, getting too fussy, when I started adding a print from his shirt. Good thing I caught myself ~ that isn't a good idea at Parties where I'm expected to produce and mooove. So I quickly got the gist of it and switched to the big pink flower.

BTW, the Caricature that I actually drew at a Party can be seen at the blog post

It was plenty funny enough. But just because I drew something Funny 3 years ago, doesn't mean I can draw something Funny in a few days from now. Unless I do my warm-ups. So now I'm feeling comfortable about the upcoming Event. In the Zone.

And then I felt like drawing them again. Even more exaggerated. Because I was still in the Zone when I tried to get to sleep

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