Posted Feb 2009

Maybe I don't have enough deadlines or something. But I just spent my time dreaming about a word that I wrote on one of the Caricatures that I posted yesterday.

First, I was thinking that it would have been better if I predrew the letters bfore inking. It's always a toss of the coin during party-work - to predraw or not to predraw. So here I tried it again:

Eh. A hodgepodge. Would it be better if I decided ahead of time whether twould be AnglesAnglesAngles or gloppy curves?

That took too much thinking to be done in a Party situation. Oh well, Party Art is immediate. Fast and in the moment. The Artist has to let people really see her - unedited and raw.

But there are other options. Curly writing, of course, but that isn't usually wanted on Boy's Pictures. Calligraphy. I think that one of the first considerations should be Spacing. The Graffiti stuff I just posted above is tight. Perhaps I could use expanded simple letters sometimes:

Or not playing with Spacing at all. Not squashed together, and not expanded out. How about Speed and Bravado:

It's all good. Then I got to designing something that Looks like the meaning of the word? With Line-Quality:

That doesn't look like the meaning of the word. But I feel finished - Don't feel like working on it any more. Just now.

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