Drive-By Graffitti

Posted Jun 2008

Don't think I just look at Faces. It's a Great Big World out there. I'm see so many things.

I'm interested in Calligraphy. I've previously worked very seriously on things like Ornamental Calligraphy(got to get back to that beautiful stuff), very curly writing (I still do that often), chauncery cursive - that sort of stuff. And it includes Graffitti. I do see that around. Some of it is better than others. I study both the good and the bad ones - sometimes it's useful to add 'attitude' to my Caricatures.

Here are some photos that I took of Graffitti around NY. Some were taken by standing on the street. But others were taken from a moving train or a moving car. It's tricky. Because there's a pause between the time I press the button to take the photo and the time that the camera clicks. So if the vehicle is moving, what I thought I snapped a picture of is gone. I had to take 'blind' pictures. If I thought a graffitti site was coming up, I'd aim out the window and press the button. Had no idea of what I got until I came home and put the pictures onto the Computer. Surprise!

Following is a particularly special one. I've been seeing it for years on my way from the city. When I'm driving. It's on the street in L.I.City where I turn to get onto Route 495:

And here, from way in the bowels of the NY Subway as the train speeds through a dark tunnel:

Lol - A friend saw these photos. He told me that he noticed that I had an "SB" there, and that the "SB" usually stands for "SkateBoarders". I'm looking - let me know if you see an "SB" in these photos?

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