Draw'm as if they were a-Nake-it

Posted Mar 2019

Oh hahaha ~ I just got in from the Event where my Client wanted me to draw people as though they were Mermaids and Mermen. And as expected, I didn't get tiiime with each person so I could make elaborate scenes. It's usually all I can do to draw their Faces in the amount of time that a Guest would be staying with the Artist. So I had to cut back on details and just draw real fast to include the Body/hobby in addition to the Face. And ahahaha!

Hahahahaha. Apparently I was walking around the Bar surprising people with pictures of themselves which hinted at them to be undressed. Because my Client hired me to draw them as Mermaids and Mermen ~ on the spot ~ and those Mermen don't wear shirts ~ and by the time I got up to their bottoms, I barely had time to throw in a Tail. What a Funny night I had ~ and I didn't even know it until I got home and looked over the pictures that I had quickly drawn and given out.

A good time was had by all

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