Drawing in a Dark Bar

Posted Mar 2008

I gave myself a treat after last night's gig. I went to a bar to see the Arkham's playing music. They played some of my favorites: The Road to Arkham, and Hell is Where the Good Records Are:


They also brought in a band from Kentucky - The Rumble Club. I'm trying to make sense out of the picture I drew of the Rumble Club. Rough or Clean - I can't decide which is the better picture.

First, here's the rough drawing that I drew standing in the very dark bar. Not only were my subjects turning and bending and changing their expressions on the high stage, but the biggest obstacle to really seeing them was the apparatus in front of them - things like the curly part of the upright base and the microphone:

So I came home and cleaned it up a bit. Outlines and colors:

But the real surprise to me was this 3rd picture. More correct, but not nearly as good. It's clear that the Artist has to have the Feeling of the genre. Gotta be out in the world. Gotta experience. That's much more important than having the 'right conditions'. The 'right tools'.

I drew this 3rd person in the quiet of my Studio. Having seen them in person, I was able to make sense out of the photos on their website. I made this cleaner, more 'correct' picture in the quiet of my well-lit studio. It got no energy, no rhythm:

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