Posted Jun 2019

Aghk ~ I hope I'm not going to be working in a bad neighborhood for one of this weekend's Parties. I thought the area was fine when I booked the Event, but I just Googled "(the name of the town) faces", and egads.

The first face that caught my eye ~ a man who didn't look too happy ~ but I felt fine about drawing that. Having Party rah-rah Happy Excitement can feel like I'm holding my breath if I don't peace-down sometimes. I liked what I was drawing, and then, oh, I noticed that his photo was posted to show him at a low point ~ for an infamous situation. Oh ~ I didn't feel right to exploit that. I didn't want to proliferate his humiliation.

So I scrolled down. and down. looking for a different face to post. But it went from one bad situation to another and another. How many nuances of crimes can they come up with??

I finally landed on an almost ridiculous photo of a college girl that had no negativity about her in the post. It was only saying that she had gone to the college. Back in 1960.

With this ridiculous hairstyle. I could imagine the curlers that she had worn to make this happen to her hair.

She looks better in my Caricature than she did in the photo

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