Design Your Party Space

Posted Aug 2012

Here's a picture of the Party Space that I mentioned in the previous post titled "At Least the Guests Had Fun". It was actually quite beautiful. Sleek. New. Glass 'fence' around a free-standing balcony. Plush white couches. But they didn't arrange for Flow. For how the people would get around.

The space in which I was told to set up with actually a narrow hallway. If I had put my easel next to the pillar, the guests would not have been able to pass by to stand where I had put my easel. There was no outlet for my lights. And the people were actually too close for me to be able to see 'the forest from the trees'. Here's an example of what that's like for me:

Hold your hand up ~ an inch in front of your face. Now, count the fingers that you see. Oh.

Following is a drawing that shows one of the better set-ups for Caricature Entertainment at your Party. It shows how there's plenty of room for the guests to gracefully walk to the front of the easel. It shows that there's a way for me to set up the easel so the guests can see the Artwork be created. They can enjoy the Performance. Or they can play with the person who is drawing ~ hinting at what s/he might expect.

Entertainment is more than just handing out Things. Or else, why not just have the pictures drawn before the party from Photographs? Actually, that has been done a few times. Displayed on the plates or the chairs to tell the guests where to sit. But most Parties want the Caricatures to be part of the Entertainment.

I'm happy that I can usually find a good way to set up. I want to do a good job for my clients.

Trust your professionals. We've had a lot of experience.

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