Posted Jul 2008

In my previous post, I planned it all out. Markers in the Hot Sun. Colorsticks in other situations. Or so I thought.

Maybe we never really change! Could that be? Nah. More likely, it happens so subtley, that we don't see the growth at each point. It's just an overall thing - like when you're 20 years old, you're different thanwhen you were 5 years old. And when you're 50 years old, you're different than when you were 16 years old.

Anyway, I'm real interested in seeing how my Marker studies affected this weekend's work. But there are so many photos here that I can't separate them out.

This weekend I worked indoor Parties. One woman turning 47, and another turning 30. Both indoors. Very comfortable. I used mostly color sticks, as usual. But I also used the colored Markers a bit more than usual.

So here's a whole bunch of photos from several other parties. Hmmm, I recognize at lease some of them from an After-Prom sort of thing that I did in NJ.

Some were from an Office Party that I did in NYC - in their office in the daytime. Some were from an Office Party that was held after-hours in a dark 'bar?' - I don't know how to refer to that type of venue - It's one of those low-lit heavy-wooded places that have private parties in the basement and walk-in yuppies upstairs - this basement had a pool table, sometimes I notice karaoke.....

And some of these pictures were created at a Pool-Party in a backyard.

And some were done at a Graduation Party at a magnificent house - it was originally decorated out back with tents, but it was moved into the library when it started raining.

AND I see at least one from an unusual Block Party that was all done in one family's backyard.

Oh! And there's some here from a Corporate Party in which my client bussed in his employees to his magnificent house during the daytime.

Lol - the last 2 pictures were from even 2 other parties. One done in a small cement backyard in the Bronx - they also erected a canopy because it did start raining too. So then the Father drove me back to my car which was a long way off and I found out all about his huge Snakes!

And the other was done in the living room of a quiet suburban house - 1-Year-Old's Party.

So these pictures come from at least Nine Parties! Life is a party. It's a whirlwind.

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