COVID Situation Causes Confusions

Posted Aug 2020

Oh my goodness. These days are like crazy for us Artists. I used to check Every Day for what's coming up, but COVID put a damper on things. So there I was, 2am last night, ready to end my day, when I remembered I wanted to check on when my Next booked Event will be. So I dragged myself back to my office to check my list ~ even though I figured it would be in about a Month. Since I just drew Caricatures at a Party last weekend.

Oh my goodness. Egads, egads. Dare I go to sleep? I saw that I had booked a Baptism for Tomorrow! Tomorrow! It had been Rescheduled from a previous date ~ because of the Pandemic.

So, oh ~ I just did much less than half of the stuff that I planned to do today ~ then turned my attention to tomorrow's Gig. What to do first? Clothes?? Supplies? Draw on Paper???

That's what I did. Looked online for a Reference Photo of a Baby Boy, and drew a Very Quick Caricature. It worked out great. So easy for me. I got right into it. Maybe I'll come back in with Color later, but for now..... Posting on my website. I like my Readers. I think of you often.

and I do have Supplies the Supplies that I had put together previously Before the original date had to be changed. Once I realized that I'd just have to Revamp that, I felt like I had a little more time to practice a Group Caricature for the Baptism.

So Online I went. I found a quick Reference Photo of 5 people together. Figured I'd draw the Baby first. But oh no. This was not useable. (That's the bottom face on the 2nd picture here). So I did some troubleshooting with my technique, and drew it much better ~ but using up the space where I planned on drawing the other people gotta go now

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