Convey My Love

Posted Jun 2009

Ok - not too much is asked of an Artist. Well, it's fun, anyway.

This picture was commissioned by a real Romantic man who asked me to make a Masterpiece to convey his feelings to his Girlfriend for her 30th Birthday. Not quite a simple task.

quote: Hello Alison: I am counting on you, please! 30 years old, how important for one woman, I can not celebrate her birthday with her this year, so, please help me as "Joe Fox" to surprise "Kathrien Kelly" in the movie "you've got mail", your masterpiece will represent my cake and flower, I can imagine that she will cry when see my sincere gift, thank you again, thank you! /endquote

Here's what I came up with. Not too shabby, eh? (I wish you could see the original - The colors are more subtle. Magnificent. But they didn't scan right.)

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