Posted Dec 2012

Oh I really want to look over my pictures here. I want to post them and keep my blog up to date. But it's almost midnight, and I have to wake up at 6 a.m. to get to Manhattan to handle a Proposal Caricature tomorrow. Oh.

So here's just two - taken from the top of the pile. I had drawn them at an event During Hurricane Sandy. Saving my gas so I could get to the event which was far away. But they had Heat (Yay) and Lights (Yay Yay). Such peace compared to my house during the Storm-days.

I had been thrown back into the 21st century from my house that had no internet, heat, or power for twelve days. And to make sure everything felt crazy, the people were in Costumes. The first photo shows a little family of Moving children. The second photo shows a boy who looked like That when he sat down for me to draw his face. Never a dull moment.

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