Posted Jun 2008

I brought my car in for routine maintenance this morning. They treat me like a Cadillac here. Let me use the Copy machine for some coloring pages I made last night for a Clown. And I used the water Cooler while they let me use the Computer while waiting.

Perusing this blog, I was inspired by my post of 5/28/08. So I drew a 3/4 view picture from a front-view photo:

But I wondered if I would have easily had more intensity if I just drew what I saw:

Then I was looking through my sketches, and I found this one from when I was working on my lineS quality at a recent Cooper Union Graduation:

So I tried a more careful picture of my front view. What a difference the quality of the pen would have made:

Barely finished my last stroke when the mechanic walked in. Is my car finished? Yes!

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