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Clown Alley

Posted Dec 2012

Did you ever wonder about what you look like from behind? This might be just a passing wind, but im now offering Butticatures. They're actually kind of cute.

This is what happened. I went to a Clown Alley meeting last night. We were supposed to have a Special Guest Face-Painter. Butt she didn't show up ~ So there we were ~ a bunch of Entertainers out to entertain ourselves. Those of us who were Face-Painters had some Face-Painting supplies because we also planned on jamming.

I set a chair onto the stage, figuring that the person who was running the meeting would organize us into a show. The show happened, but the organization did not. Instead of sitting in our seats to watch the show, everyone gathered around the stage. It was simple stuff to me, so I gave up on jockeying for position to seeeee. And I sat myself back into the audience (where several other people also sat, unable to see the show).

The audience full of Entertainers started entertaining themselves. There was the Face-Painting on the Stage, some Balloon twisting next to that. A man balancing chairs on his nose. One walking around joking with us....

But I see that all week long. That's what I do at work. So I just sat there watching the Face-Painting show. Well, what I could see of it from my seat.

With some old markers. The backs of some used papers.

After a few drawings, I spoke up. "If anybody wants to see what I've been drawing...."

Whoa. Something New. Something that even these professional Entertainers had never seen. They were attracted to my activity like flies to a camp-porch-light. "Draw me." "Will you draw mine?" I drew a few more. With my old markers ~ they're drying up. But it was getting to be more Fun. It's more fun for the Artist to draw when the models stand still for the drawing. And it was much fun for the people I drew to be standing there keenly aware of their rear-ends.

Seeing how the people responded to modeling for this, I realized that it would be much fun for Parties. I didn't have a camera with me, so I asked some of my models to email me the pictures that I gave them.

Oh ~ Look at how lucky I was. I just checked my email, and I found these there already. Two of the Butticatures that I drew at the meeting last night:

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Posted Nov 2011

I had to renew my Driver's License. Sitting. Waiting in the DMV Office. Waiting.

I brought my 'Coloring Books' along to keep me occupied. But what to draw? Butt what to draw? I wanted to practice Caricatures, but that usually means faces. And the way they had us seated, sort of audience-style, I only saw the backs of people's heads in the seats in front of me. And all the way up front, where people were handling DMV business, I saw....

the Backs of them. Standing there. Oh the humanity.

We might not realize how often people see us from behind.

NOW I'M REAL INTERESTED TO DRAW BUTTICATURES AT PARTIES. No cameras permitted at the DMV office, so I wasn't allowed to photograph what I was looking at:

Now I'm real interested in looking at butts. Derrierres is more the way I like to describe it. Also might be called Tushies, Rear Ends, Bottoms, Asses, Buttocks...... Call it what you will, it's real interesting to see. To imagine. To shape.

I'm hoping that people would hire me to draw Butticatures at their Parties. Same price as Caricatures. But we would have to have people who are game to turning around while knowing that they are being viewed. That way. You know your guests. If you think they'd be game, All-Is-On. Alison

You can click on some pictures in this blog to see them larger.
To Hire Artist Alison Gelbman:
(516) 579-4706