Posted Mar 2009

I finally had a (cellphone) camera with me during a Fashion Sketch event, and wouldn't you know.... it wasn't my best drawing day.

My work is professional enough, tho, that everybody was thrilled with their pictures. And the woman in charge of these Bloomingdales events is hoping that I'll be available to do it at another one of their stores next week. So Yay! If our schedules mesh, I'll get another chance to do them - I'll be perfect next time - I just know it (Lol - and some day I'll be a perfect person.)

Anyway, here are some of the pictures that I drew today. They look fine. The drawing just could have been more fun for me if I was feeling freer:

What happened was that I asked the guests to pose on the pedestal with the other mannekins. I thought that would be a good experience for them - which it was. For them. But not for me. It was only after the show was over that I realized that it made it intimidating for me. And I played with the guests - had them 'strike a pose'. And that made me (and the drawing) feel controlled.

It was a very successful event. The guests really enjoyed what my client was offering them. But I like to do Best. Everything. For the client, the guests, AND myself. What it is to be an Artist. Why I do it.

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