Posted Sep 2008

What a strange day I had yesterday. What a world.

First I got caught in the worst traffic ever - all the way from my place in Wantagh to my Caricature gig in Short Hills, NJ. The web said the trip would take 1 hour and 15 minutes. But it took me 5 HOURS ! From the moment I got on the parkway in Wantagh until I got over the George Washington Bridge, the traffic was so heavy that I was glad when we were able to creep along at 5-miles per hour. (Things like this remind me that I don't have to answer for myself because I'd charge a travel-fee or that I factor in 'fluff-time' between gigs.

And Bloomingdales - cross my eyes! My section at Bloomingdales had 'rap' music! At Bloomingdales! Turned out that they were testing a new line of products.

Here's a photo of my set-up. I like how I incorporated the mannequins into my setup (the blue backpack is usually hidden under a table or behind a curtain, but this time I made it look like a prop for the mannequin:

Then I was surprised. When I'd stray from doing straight faces, I actually got good responses from the fun Bloomingdales customers. Turned out that they were just nice wealthy people - WHO WERE OUT TO HAVE A GOOD TIME ! Just pleasant people who were open to having fun:

Then, tired from the long day (after not sleeping much the night before - last-minute Studio pieces with outrageous deadlines), do I go home? No. I had been invited to see the Arkhams at a bar in Brooklyn. Just a personal outing, but as usual, I occupied myself studying some ideas for Caricatures. And that meant that I ended up drawing some of the people there. In the dark bar.

Will the Fun never end?

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