Black/White Party Caricatures

Posted Sep 2013

Here are some Caricatures that I drew at a Party. Whoosh~ I had been called that very morning to get to an event Upstate and draw as fast as possible ~ Black/white if that will save time on the drawings. Client's request.

Scramble. Change plans for the leisurely day I thought I was going to have. Pack up Supplies, get travel directions, change into Party clothes and Drive. Oh Oh. Traffic. Nothing I can do about it. I could have left earlier only if the event was before the very day-of !

I kept in touch with my liaison, and stressfully focused the whole drive there. Over an hour. Ran in at the last minute (instead of the half-hour early that I usually do if I am given enough advance notice to leave extra travel time), set up quickly, drew continuously. Then I had to run to the gym as I had originally planned to do for the day. But it was a Saturday. My gym closes early on Saturday.

Scramble. What a run of a day. After running out of the house, rushing through traffic, setting up fast, drawing fast, I went to the gym that was near the event. It had a very complicated Parking situation which took over half-hour. Left me with only 45 minutes to work out before they rushed me out to close the gym. But I knew of another gym that I could pass on the way home. It stayed open a little later. If I hurried, I could catch an hour there too. Which I did. Ran in, fit in whatever exercises I could, ran out when they needed to lock up....

And here are the pictures I have to show for it:

And I feel good.

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