Applying Artist's Knowledge to Photography

Posted Jan 2019

I was surfing around on my iPhone tonight ~ trying to figure out how to Photograph my Caricatures in such a way that the Colors would look the same in the Photos as in the Original Caricature. I felt excited because I Thought I figured it out, but not really. Still, what I did figure out is that I Might be able to set up early at gigs so I might be able (if they don't change the lighting on me) to determine the best possible placement for photographing my Caricatures?

I found two on/off buttons on my iPhone. One called "Auto HDR" and the other called "Keep Normal Photo". I put them Both On, and I took a Photo with the 'Photo' Choice called "Original'. I photographed the picture of the Tree that was on my floor. I Thought it came out great (well..... later i put a white dot on it in PhotoShop..... not great.... but probably useable).

Anyway, I Thought it came out great. So I grabbed a Black/White Caricature that was nearby, and I tried to Photograph that one too. With the Same parameters. The white of the paper looked a little grayer than the white of the paper of the picture of the tree.

So I held the picture Vertically and took a photo. Not good at all oh. Ahah ~ I just learned like of course ~ if the light is coming from above, it will shine onto the top surface of an item. And that includes a sheet of paper! If I hold it vertically, the light from above is going to shine on the top of the paper (which is just the thickness of the paper). And the picture itself will be in shadow.

So I laid it down on my desk and photographed it again. Horizontally. But it came out Blue.

Disappointed, I photographed it again. And this time I gave it a little more effort. I discovered that if I took a few moments to change the distance between the Camera and the Picture, I could get a better Photo. But oh again, Blue.

Why Why Blue?? Ahah ~ Now I feel like I'm on a better Path. Perhaps it has to do with What's Around it. Perhaps I will continue studying this.....

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