They had Fun

October 19th, 2014

Started as a real quiet event. People kinda feeling like they were just at lunch on a regular workday. But their company had provided a big spread with lots of entertainers. Set up in a large room that was open to their cafeteria.

They started coming to me slowly. But once they saw what was happening, they sure got involved. Happiness giving energy. Aaaahhh.

It’s interesting to me how the more attractive businesses keep their employees from feeling like drudges. By lifting their Spirits intermittently, there is sort of a carry-over in which people Want to work there. People Want to relate to each other, and they Enjoy their jobs as though they’re involved in Interesting Projects. Just because of the way they are treated by the Company.

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Rave Reviews !

September 25th, 2014

Thank You to my Fantastic Clients who say such good things to my Agent. He just thanked me for another Rave Review that just came in from our recent event from Airstream. It does make a difference for me:

Wonderful! Alison was wonderful and I will use her again next year for our company picnic. Everyone loved every design she made. I will look through our pictures and will forward them to you. Sandra R., Human Resources Manager, Airstream

Extremely talented! Alison was great. It was the second time she was at my venue and is extremely talented! Lynn Mione

Perfect - She said yes! The event was perfect. Alison was great and my girlfriend was very surprised when she walked around to see the picture and saw the “will you marry me” and then looked to me and I was on my knee with the ring out. A large group of people (passers by) saw what Alison was drawing and stayed off in the distance to watch what would happen next. My girlfriend said yes we had a lot of cheers and clapping. Alison truly helped create a memory for us that will last a lifetime. Thank you so much!!! Greg Gabitosi

AWESOME! Thanks for everything, she was AWESOME!!!!! Gina Prego

Wonderful! The talent you booked for us at our recent event in Armonk, New York was wonderful. They were very attentive to the guests and very easy to work with. They arrived on time and were very professional in all aspects of the evening. We will definitely use your services again. Keith Watson

Look at How Much Fun these People Had

September 17th, 2014

Look at how much fun these people had at work. The Main Office had hired me to draw Caricatures on Employee Appreciation Day.

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I’m going to draw the world ~ one person at a time

September 16th, 2014

another one

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Thank You for The #Techies

September 15th, 2014

Techies ~ is that the proper way to refer to people who do what you do?

Techies ~ is that what they call them? Those fantastic people who keep our Computers running?

I was just saved (once again) by my own guy. He was in Texas, but a quick email, and I had the answer of how to get rid of a program that wouldn’t stop popping up on my Computer. I had thought of him when I drew this Caricature of A DIFFERENT TECHIE at a recent NYC event. (My guy is in Texas)

I was drawing for a Big Company right near Penn Station. They hired me to draw at their ‘Health Fair’ event. One of the adorable employees that sat down for his Caricature, had a slight interruption. He quickly gave his associate the solution. When he apologized for the interruption, he said that he’s always working. He said that they always need help with something.
Even though this was a time-off event.

I asked him what he did. He explained something much like my own Computer guy (the one that helped me this morning even though he was in Texas today) does. Something like “I keep their Computer programs working.” He said that it’s crazy-busy because he is THE ONLY ONE that handles all their big offices here in NYC, Chicago, and a few other places all over the country. Wow. Amazing how much we need those guys. Big Companies, Banks, and Governments rely on these overworked Geniuses as much as I do. As most people with Computers do.

I’m so fortunate to have a Professional Techie of my own. I feel so grateful that I just wanted to take this opportunity to say “Let’s Hear It For the Techies! Let’s Show Them Our Appreciation!”

Update: I was told they’re called COMPUTER PROGRAMMERS. The people who tell the Computers how to work so they will work the way we want.

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